18Celebrities &
Their Cars

Bubblegum Pink

Chevrolet Silverado

Taylor Swift

For Taylor’s 18th birthday, her record
label gifted her with a pink pickup truck.
She apparently donated it to charity.

1969 Ford Mustang (Windsor 351 engine)

Leonardo DiCaprio

After repeated engine problems and several
breakdowns that left him in scary situations on
the road, he was happy to return the car to his
dad’s friend who had loaned it to him.

1934 Ford Pickup Truck

Jay Leno

At age 14, Leno bought the truck himself for $350.
The only problem was that it did no t run. He spent
the time before getting his driver’s license figuring
out how to get it to work.

hummer h2

LeBron James

Lebron’s mother purchased this $50,000 car, complete with three TVs, for
his 18th birthday. Ohio athletic officials had suspicions that it was an illegal
gift from an outsider, which would have affected his amateur status
at the time, but his mother was able to prove that it was all her.

Range Rover

Justin Bieber

Justin’s mentor Usher bought him a brand new
Range Rover for his 16th birthday.

BMW 3 Series

Kim Kardashian

This is also the same type of car that her older
sister, Kourtney, got as her first car.

455 Buick Centurion

Brad Pitt

The first car Brad drove was actually
borrowed from his parents.

Ford Explorer

Mila Kunis

When Mila was a teenager, she and her friends would have
“Ford Parties” where they drove around Sunset Boulevard
in her forest green Ford Explorer blasting music.

1986 Toyota Corolla

Jon Hamm

Jon drove his Corolla from his hometown of St. Louis
all the way to Los Angeles to try to make it as an actor.
He got so many parking tickets in those early
days that his car was repossessed by the city.

Chevy Nova

Johnny Depp

Money was so tight for Johnny at one point,
he sometimes slept in his Chevy Nova.

BMW 3 Series

Nicki Minaj

The rapper purchased the BMW herself.

subaru Forester

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg, a man worth about $20 billion, hasn’t let
wealth affect his car choices too much. Today he drives
cars like a Honda Fit and a VW Golf GTI.

nissan cherry

Daniel Craig

Way before his days of cruising around in luxury
Bond cars, Daniel bought his first car for just 300

Porsche Cayenne

Miley Cyrus

Miley received this car as a hand-me-down from her
parents on her 16th birthday. The pop star says it wasn’t
her first choice in car, but was happy to have it.


Scarlett Johansson

She now says she regrets getting the “too
fast and too wild” car, because she ended
up getting into a bad accident in which the
airbags saved her life.

1977 Volkswagen Beetle

Jerry Seinfeld

A humble start for a man who now reportedly owns
about 46 Porches. So many that he had to rent a hanger
at the Santa Monica airport to store them all.

Ford escort

David Beckham

The car had a 1300cc engine and was originally
owned by his former teammate Ryan Giggs
before David bought it from him in 1992 when
he was a trainee with Manchester United.

VW Jetta

Katy Perry

The pop singer says she felt cool and invincible
driving around in her Jetta when she was a teenager.

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