State Coverage Requirements

Coverage Type

State Coverage Requirements

Bodily Injury Liability

$30,000 limit per person / $60,000 limit per accident

Property Damage Liability

$25,000 limit


Not required, but recommended


Not required, but recommended

Medical Expenses

Not required, but recommended

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Not required

Uninsured Motorist

$30,000 limit per person / $60,000 limit per accident (bodily injury) / $25,000 limit (property damage), may be rejected in writing

Underinsured Motorist

Offered with uninsured motorist coverage

Property Protection (PPI)

Not required

Average rates vs National Average

National AVG.

North Carolina AVG.




Hand-Held Cell Phone Ban:

There is no ban.

All Cell Phone Use Ban for Novice Drivers:

Drivers under the age of 18 cannot use a cell phone at all while driving.

Texting Ban:

In North Carolina, text messaging is banned for all drivers.

DUI Laws


The legal limit for a blood alcohol concentration (BAC):

The legal limit for a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) while driving is 0.08. It is a crime to drive with a BAC at this number or above it.

Increased penalty for high BAC:

There's an increased penalty for drivers with a BAC of 0.15 or above.

1st offense Suspension:

Administrative license suspension on the 1st offense: In North Carolina, law enforcers can confiscate a first-time offender's driver's license for 30 days if he or she exceeds the legal limit. Limited driving privileges, such as to and from work, are permitted after 10 days.

Ignition Interlocks:

These are devices installed in the cars of convicted drunk drivers, which analyze the breath or the driver before starting the vehicle and disable the ignition if alcohol is detected. North Carolina made ignition interlocks mandatory for all offenders with a BAC of .15 or higher and repeat offenders.

Repeat Offenders:

Minimum penalties for repeat offenders include suspension of driving privileges for no less than one year, impoundment or immobilization of any and all of the offender's vehicles, or the installation of ignition interlocks to all vehicles owned by the offender, mandatory alcohol assessment and treatment, and a sentence of at least five days of imprisonment or 30 days of community service for a second-time offender. Third-time and further offenders can see at least ten days of imprisonment or 60 days of community service.

Open Container Law:

No driver or passenger can have any open container of alcohol in any area of the vehicle where it would be easily accessible by the driver or passengers, including a glove compartment. Open containers of alcohol must be transported in the trunk of a vehicle or if a vehicle doesn't have a trunk, the open containers must be behind the last upright back seat.

Graduated Drivers License


Learner Stage:

(Supervised driving, to be completed with a driving test): At 15 years of age, individuals can begin driving with supervision for a period lasting a minimum of twelve months. In this stage, the new drivers are required to get 60 hours of supervised driving, 10 of which need to be at night.

Intermediate Stage:

Min. Age: 16
Night Driving Restriction: 9pm-5am
Passenger Restriction: No more than 1 passenger under 21; if under 21 passenger is family, no other non-family passengers under 21 Required Supervised
Driving Hours: 12 (6 at night)

(Some limits are applied to unsupervised drivers in high-risk situations): Drivers who passed the driver's test at 16 are now unsupervised drivers in the intermediate stage. These drivers are not allowed to drive between the hours of 9pm and 5am and cannot drive with more than one passenger under the age of 21. If there's a family member under 21 as a passenger, then there cannot be any non-family members passengers under 21.

Full Privilege Age:

Age: 16.5

(Full driver's license): At the age of 16 and 6 months, North Carolina drivers can now get a standard driver's license without any restrictions if they took driver's education.

Speed Limit



Rural Interstates:

70 MPH
70 MPH

Urban Interstates:

70 MPH
70 MPH

Other Limited Access Roads:

70 MPH
70 MPH

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