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Here’s what you need to know…

  • -Car insurance deals for nurses are available through some companies
  • -Shop around to find the best car insurance for nurses
  • -Many other discounts are available as well, like a good driver or multi-policy discount

Some companies offer auto insurance for nurses at a discount if you know where to look.

Nursing is a rewarding field filled with dedicated, hardworking women and men, who often work far too many hours with far too few benefits or rewards. If you or someone you know has ever been hospitalized or under the care of nurses for any reason, you know that nurses truly are some of the most caring, kind, and selfless individuals around.

Nurses put in countless hours and make extraordinary sacrifices for their patients and for their profession, and for this, they are owed more than a small debt of gratitude. If you are a nurse, you are seen by insurance companies as a more responsible and risk-averse person.

All discount auto insurance offers are not the same. Each auto insurance company offers different rates and discounts. The easiest way to find the best deal is to shop around. Wondering how to switch auto insurance to save?

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Below is an explanation of how nurses can take advantage of these auto insurance discounts as well as car insurance deals for nurses.

The Importance of Reliable Auto Insurance for Nurses

When nurses arrive to work, they have a lot of people relying on them. Therefore, having a reliable vehicle that gets nurses to work on time is extremely important.

Many nurses also make house calls, driving to various places in the surrounding area to tend to people that cannot leave their homes. Not to mention all of the things that nurses must or want to do for themselves and their families after their job is done.

A nurse not only needs to have a reliable vehicle, they also need to know that they are fully protected if something should happen to that vehicle in the event of a crash or another loss.

They already have enough stresses in their jobs every day and their auto insurance coverage should not add to this. They deserve to feel protected under a policy that they can afford.

An auto insurance policy for healthcare workers can make a difference.

Start BY Shopping around

There are several ways to get the best price on auto insurance coverage. Doing your research and shopping around the various offerings is one of them, and an easy place to start.

Average Auto Insurance Rates for Healthcare Workers with Geico
OccupationGeico Monthly Auto Insurance RateGeico 6-Month Auto Insurance RateGeico Annual Auto Insurance Rate
Occupational Therapist$157.98$947.90$1,895.80

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Begin by checking out reviews of various companies to get an idea of who you feel comfortable buying a policy from.

Check the company’s record online to see if there are a lot of complaints about a specific agent or agency or the insurance company in general. Service and/or claims are typically the two areas that get the biggest complaints.

J.D. Power rates companies on several different factors, including customer service. It is a great place to find out more about the company you are interested in.

Next, review coverage options and corresponding prices. You should consider the most protection by getting quotes with cheap prices for full coverage auto insurance.

Just to give you an idea of what auto insurance for nurses can cost, check out the table to the right. It lists average costs for healthcare workers with Geico insurance.

Geico only charges about $160 a month for auto insurance for nurses.

Another thing to consider when reviewing policies is the deductible. By raising your deductible to a higher price, you can immediately reduce your premium costs. This may sound appealing, but of course, if you choose to go this route it can backfire.

If you do happen to get into an accident that is your fault or make an insurance claim of any kind, then you will be on the hook for a larger sum of money to cover the damages. If you cannot afford the deductible and getting into an accident would devastate your finances, then you should stick with the lower deductible and higher premiums. It is a safer money decision in the long run. In your occupation you probably see a lot of people injured from car accidents and the costs that come along with it. To protect yourself financially, you should consider getting personal injury protections (PIP) auto insurance coverage.

Remember, every policy will have different levels of coverage for things like collision, comprehensive, and bodily injury per accident/incident, so review carefully.

Other potential
discount-related questions
to ask your carrier

  • Do you offer good driver discounts?

  • Do you offer discounts for going paperless?

  • What sort of
    multi-policy discounts
    do you offer?

  • Do I get a discount if I pay my policy in full? The answer is typically yes.

  • If I take (or anyone in my family takes) a driving class, will you lower the cost?

Discounts Specifically
for Nurses

Once you have narrowed down your list to a few companies that are comparable in the terms that you like, you should investigate any car insurance discounts for nurses.

  • Check with the American Nurses Association

    A quick way to determine if an insurance carrier offers any nurse-specific discounts is by using a service such as the American Nurses Association to see what insurance coverage and carriers are linked and/or recommended.

    Other professional associations may list other carriers, so do some research, and compare coverage before committing.

  • Ask the carrier directly

    Individual carriers may also offer special discounts for certain professions that are not advertised, so it never hurts to ask. But be careful! Some of these so-called discounts offer limited or lesser quality coverage than you would get otherwise, so always compare coverage, service, and price with and without the professional discount.

  • Bundle with your hospital or doctor’s office

    If you work through a hospital or a doctor’s office, there may be an option to purchase auto insurance through a bundle or group discount policy. Some companies will offer insurance for their employees through a certain carrier that has ties or links to the hospital or doctor’s group in some way. These discounts can offer substantial savings, especially in larger groups, so it is certainly worth looking into.

    You can contact your Human Resources department and speak to them about this option. Make sure that you specify auto insurance discounts when you speak with them.

  • Nurses who don’t drive a lot can save

    Some discounts may be more readily available for those who work in hospitals because they use their car less often for work. The more you use the car, the higher the risk of an accident, which means higher insurance rates.

    Some companies will also offer much cheaper rates if you don’t drive very many miles. Check with the company you are interested in to see what cheaper rates are available.

  • Discounts for student nurses

    If you are a student nurse, a medical student looking for cheap auto insurance, or a nurse taking classes of some kind, you may qualify for some discounts that are related to education if you provide proof of continuing education.

Watch this video to learn more about discounts you can receive because of organizations you are a part of or your occupation.

When you get quotes for auto insurance, make sure to tell your agent about all organizations you are a member of to see if they can offer you additional discounts.

Searching for
better deals and discounts

Just because you commit to purchasing an auto insurance policy with one company that does not mean that they deserve to keep your business for life. They need to continue to earn your business over time.

Continue to compare quotes from other companies and if you notice that you can get better pricing elsewhere, then it is perfectly acceptable to switch insurance companies.

If you notice new discounts that are offered at other companies, including discounts for nurses, try contacting your insurance company to see if they can match that discount and keep your business.

Whether you are looking for cheap liability auto insurance for nurses for full coverage, compare quotes to get the best prices. Enter your ZIP now to get quotes and look for discounts for nurses.

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